To call Permaculture an interest is a little insulting because Permaculture is a lifestyle!

In my journey to self sufficiency and health it is only natural to run across this method of gardening.

What is Permaculture?

For me Permaculture is a way of designing my garden, my home and my life in a sustainable way.  A holistic approach to working with nature rather than against it.

Wikipedia described it as:

The core tenets of Permaculture are:

  • Take care of the earth: Provision for all life systems to continue and multiply. This is the first principle, because without a healthy earth, humans cannot flourish.
  • Take care of the people: Provision for people to access those resources necessary for their existence.
  • Share the surplus: Healthy natural systems use outputs from each element to nourish others. We humans can do the same. By governing our own needs, we can set resources aside to further the above principles.


So begins my journey into Permaculture Design.  Unfortunately all PDC design courses are either out of my price range or not convenient time wise.  I can’t afford to take up to 10 weeks off from work to complete this course so I found a couple of other resources to help me along.

One is a course recorded by North Carolina State University by Prof. Will Hooker.

Introduction to Permaculture

This is an awesome series of recorded lectures and field trips and I learned a lot from it.

The other is held by  Permaculture Education Centre.  This is an online course which lets you complete the theory and then you need to find someone to help you with the practical stuff if you want to become certified.

So for the moment I will use these resources and my current garden and at a later time, universe willing I will get my PDC and follow a new realised direction.


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