Opah 11/7/1935 – 2/7/2012

Went home on the weekend.  Not really for the best of reasons…. a family friend died.  He was just worn out.  A lovely man and a lovely family.  The funeral simple just family and friends farewelling the life of a simple man who gave everything he had and lived a full and happy life.

We should all aspire to this.

While home I had the chance to catch with friends and family and I realised just how unhappy I am where I am.  So now the plan is to move from the Gold Coast somewhere closer to home.  Actually it’s not even a plan yet.  But now that I’ve made the decision of what I don’t want anymore I can move on with want I want.

Just take a look at this video of someone living off the grid in Canada.  Now I’m not saying this is for me but how awesome is it and what a lot of great ideas there.  Some I can take on board and some I won’t.


So many possibilities for living your life.  Just need to know…. How do I get there??


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