Ever felt like a Financial Acrobat?

I know most mum’s would, always robbing Peter to pay Paul.  There never seems to be enough cash to go around.

This morning at 4.30am I am looking at our budget, wondering how the hell I was going to pay for all this.  You see the MOTH needed to go to a funeral about 5 hours away from home.  So of course he gets a speeding ticket and a unroadworthy vehicle fine for a cracked muffler.  There goes the budget!

I sometimes think our partners have no idea on what things cost.  I am appalled by his lack of consideration, a speeding fine!  We all know not to speed and I think this so rude, but I only have myself to blame.  You see years ago when we were deciding on who was responsible for what, I got saddled with the finances.  Little did I know what was in store.

ME:  worry, going without, arguments.

MOTH:  deniability, blame game, evergreen attitude.

Several times over the years I have tried to give this responsibility to him or at least make joint decisions but with no luck.  You see I’ve let him believe that I can always find the money for these unexpected expenses and he thinks I’m a financial genius, flattering yes, but I’m sure he just doesn’t want the responsibility, why would you?

My advice to all is don’t take it all on yourself, make sure that it is shared and joint decisions are made about the family finances.


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