Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love ducks.  Near my house there are lots of wild ducks walking, or waddling around the streets.  Many a time I have held my breath when mother duck and her adorable ducklings waddle across the road but surprisingly very few get run over by cars.  My daughter laughs at me when I see ducks and yell out DUCKIES when we’re driving.

So I bit the bullet and bought two Muscovy Ducklings at the local Mudgeeraba Farmers Markets.

According to council by laws we are allowed 6 poultry  and with four hens this completes our flock.



On researching the best suburban ducks to have the Muscovy is a low maintenance and friendly duck that doesn’t quack.  They live for 7 to 8 years and are great for both egg production and meat.  They are distinguished from other breeds by their faces because they have no feathers and are bright red, flashy and lumpy. They are placid in nature unless threatened and prefer no to be picked up.

The drakes are too heavy to fly but the ducks are able to fly and perch up high.  They also don’t swim due to their under developed oil glands but they love to splash about.

The breeder we bought them from said it was fine to integrate them with our chooks but I found the chooks to be aggressive to the poor things.  So we’ll separate them until they’re bigger and can give the chooks a run for their money.




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