It’s been some time since I last posted but we have been very busy…   Time for an update!

Our chickens have been moved outside into a chicken tractor.  Me – being the softy that I am I insisted to the MOTH that they still needed a heat lamp at night but after a couple of days I took it out of the pen.

Our chicken tractor was made from bits of material we had lying about, left overs from when we built our house, our pergola.  We bought the chicken wire from our local recycling centre for $3.00.  So all in all our venture into chicken raising has cost us $25.00 for the chickens including feed and water bowls.  $7.00 for a heat lamp, which we found we could have used a normal light bulb.  $3.00 for the chicken tractor and about $20.00 for the chicken mash so far.  We have been supplementing them with food scraps and they absolutely love the grass.

We’re still not sure if their roosters or hens just yet but the fun we’re having is priceless.  If they all turn out to be roosters we’ll donate them to someone and go buy some point of lay hens.  I’m not quite ready to slaughter my own chickens just yet but in the spirit of self-sufficiency I might have to face up to it.

Surprisingly our resident chook killer has shown very little interest.  Apart from the occasional look… nada.  Maybe she’s lulling us into a false sense of security or she’s just too old to be bothered with it.  I’m of the opinion that it’s when a chook flaps it’s wings it becomes enticing.  She doesn’t do it for the taste she does it for the chase!

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