This is how it went…..

I was collecting my son from his daycare and his teacher said –  Alice knows all about the chickens, have a talk with her and she’ll let you know what you need.

Our Six Chicks

Me  ??????

“What chickens?”

“Aren’t you adopting some of the chickens?  Your husband said you were……”

“I’m not having chickens, what is he thinking?  We have a CHOOK KILLER at home!”

After much discussion and reassurance we are now the proud owners of six chickens.  Six is all we’re allowed on our suburban block so let’s hope we get a couple of hens.

I’m Eggcited!


And of course Aden is extremely eggcited (sorry couldn’t resist).

They came from Henny Penny Hatching.  A great program in which they set up 12 to 13 eggs in an incubator and they hatch out over a couple of weeks.  The kids get to watch them hatch, feed them and harass them.   Kidding.

Now we embark on our journey in chicken farming.  Ha ha

Who me?

Assuming Brodie will let us!


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