Other stuff we’ve been doing.

I followed Anna Hess’s Killer Mulch method and laid down a couple of garden beds and I’m in the process of a third.  Killer Mulch is a no-till garden bed, it is also referred to as lasagna garden beds.  I found it a lot easier than digging up dirt which I did for my Gourd Bottles.

It comprises of a layer of grass clippings, a layer of wet cardboard, a layer of horse manure, a layer of top soil and a layer of sugar cane mulch.  We only paid for the top soil as we didn’t have any excess.  We found cardboard from our local Bunnings Store and the Horse manure was free as long as we went and collected it ourselves.  We spent about an hour shoveling horse poo into a hessian bag, wasn’t too difficult and as long as it wasn’t fresh not too smelly either.


So far we’ve planted Strawberries, Cucumbers, Basil and Mint in a pot because of it’s tendency to take over.  We also have two dwarf Apple Trees.  I planted them in pots because I’m not too sure how the garden is going to end up and it would be a bit difficult to transplant if I put it in the wrong place.

Currently I am also germinating Heritage Tomatoes and Mini Capsicum.   We also have a chili tree as well.

I used old egg cartons because after purchasing peat pots I found that egg cartons had the same kind of feel about them and I remembered my mother used to use them for her seedlings.

I still want to plant lettuce, shallots, potatoes and a few other things that we eat regularly.  Very soon we’ll be picking and eating our own home grown food, can’t wait!


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